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Benefit from the international success of the TK’Blue solution by becoming a partner and optimize the costs and sustainability of freight transport for major brands.

Develop new services

Sustainable Supply Chain / Transport consulting and reporting

Platform training

Data collection and cleansing

Carrier label audit

Network with the TK’Blue international partner network

Leverage TK’Blue to increase your business

Enhance your current services with exclusive TK’Blue data

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Access new decision makers

Financial benefits from TK’Blue success

Commission and training revenues on new subscriptions

New income for your own business thanks to new meetings with new approach

Sale of deployment and consulting services

Up sale in year 2, 3, etc.

Share your current sales and sales costs over a new revenue line

Innovate and Lobby

Bring Innovation and an international dimension into your brand

Speak as a recognized expert at professional events

Expert status on high visibility topic (media, newsletter, etc.)

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