The global conceptual frame of the extra financial scoring of TK Blue associates the scoring of the instructing party with the TK’T index of the transporters he uses, thus allowing the creation of his extra financial scoring, according to the service providers he uses.

The purpose of the TK’Blue scoring system is to highlight the instructing parties in the choice of transporter they operate.

Two combined indexes

An instructing party selects the transport mode he wishes to use, and then the transporter(s) inside this transport mode.

In order to give an appreciation from this choice, TK Blue Agency takes into account his choice in the scoring algorithm.

Choice of the Transport Mode:

Transport mode choice, through a classification between transport modes, essentially reflects the cost of negative externalities for each of them: air pollution, congestion, noise pollution, accidents, climate change and upstream and downstream process.

Transporter’s choice inside this transport mode

Quality of the transporter choice is represented by its TK’€ index (societal costs performance) and its TK’T index (technology performance)

Scoring is achieved through 3 indicators: an indicator of progress, based on costs trend and two other indicators which measure the reliability of the transporters TK’T and GHG indexes.

The Procedure


The criteria

Scoring criterion have been selected and validated by TK’Blue Scientific Board further to analysing several existing works and to this day well acknowledged such as the “Carbon base, CE DELFT, national accounts for transport, Eco Calculator, PLANCO, IWW INFRAS, Boiteux, OEET, Good Practice forms VNF, Eco TransIT, Marco Polo Green Award Foundation, Charter Objectif CO2”, etc…

New scoring criterion for scoring are permanently added and updated, with the help of the Follow-up Committee of the Scientific Board. By doing so, criterion for scoring adequation’s guarantee is obtained, taking account the permanent evolution of the appreciation criterion of the transport externalities, acknowledged by the Scientific and Economic entities.

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